Pilipović Stevan Academician

Pilipović Stevan
Beosztás: Professor
Munkahely: University of Novi Sad, Faculty of sciences, Department of mathematics and informatics



Address:Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Novi Sad,Trg Dositeja Obradovica 4, 21000 Novi Sad. Born: May 24, 1950. in  Novi Sad. Education:1979               Ph.D. Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi Sad; 1983.  Postdoctoral studies, University of Kiel.  Working experience: 1987-  Full Professor, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.  Mathematical Specialization and professional activities: Generalized functions, Integral transformations, Pseudodifferential operators, Hyperfunctions, Microlocal analysis, Linear and nonlinear equations with singularities.  Leader of the scientific seminar of Mathematical Colloquium at the Mathematical Institute SANU, Belgrade. Editor: Int. Transf. Spec. Funct.  Integral transforms and special functions, Taylor & Francis, Pseudodifferential operators and its applications (Kluver).  Visiting:  Visiting professor at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of Tokyo University, 1992/93.  Visiting professor at University Paris 7, 1994., 1996., 1997., 1999., 2001., 2002., 2003.,2004.,2005. 2006,2007, 2008,2010. Visiting professor at University of Cagliari, 2007, 2010  Courses:  Functional analysis,  Measure Theory.  Mentor of 22 doctoral thesis and  of 20  master thesis. S. Pilipović has more than 170 scientific papers in international journals

Pilipović Stevan Academician

E-mail: stevan.pilipovic@dmi.uns.ac.rs


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