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Mathematics software

Wolfram Mathematica 10.2, SZTE CAMPUS License

  • Go to the Wolfram user portal.
  • Login with your SZTE E-mail ( Create an account, if you do not have it.
  • Chose: My products and services -> Mathematica for students -> Get downloads
  • Download and install
  • Ask the site manager for activation key.


Wolfram Mathematica 10, free 15 - day trial version

MATLAB 30 days trial version

R (stat. software)

R studio

Other Software tools

Wolfram CDF-player

Euler3D Setup

Euklides v2.5 Setup

Pedagoguery Software Inc

Adobe Acrobat Reader


Tablets, smart phones

GeoGebra 5 (free)

Wolfram Alpha and Alpha powered apps, ~3 USD each

Mathematics for Android (daboApps)

Math Expert

Maths Solver

MyScript Calculator

Quadratic equation (Alexander Shpitalnik)

Math Ref Free (Happy Maau Studios, LLC)

Geometry Solver (free)