Building a conference center or triangulating surfaces

Előadó: Makay Géza
Időtartam: 90
Technikai eszközök:

Computer, projecting possibility

Hallgatóság: max. 50-60 persons, grades 11-12.

The topics of this lecture is the triangulation of surface of the conference center in Pécs built from metal support beams and glass triangles by the order of the Alukonstrukt Ltd, Szeged. This triangulation must be accomplished so that it agrees to the technical requirements of the building process, for example: the degree of the vertices inside the surface must be 5 or 6, there are fixed vertices and edges, and there are limits on the length of the support beams and the size of the angles of the triangles. There are no papers in the literature concerning such a triangulation, so a completely new algorithm had to be invented.