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Cross-Border Biostatistics Meeting

Időpont: 2011.11.04 10:00 - 2011.11.05 14:00

Helyszín: Szeged

Applied Biostatistics in Life Sciences. Joint Meeting of ISCB National Groups and IPA Cross-border Co-operation Program HU-SRB/0901/221/088.

Part of Autumn Biomathematical and Biostatistical Days Nov. 3 - 5, 2011

An event of Fest of Hungarian Science, 2011

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PROGRAMME: lectures and Posters

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  • Application for presentation: September 15, 2011.
  • Registration: October 15, 2011.


, Romanian and Serbian national groups of ISCB, Department of Medical Physics and Medical Informatics, University of Szeged and Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Novi Sad

One of the aims of ISCB is “to promote better understanding of the use and interpretation of biostatistics by the general public, and by national and international organizations and agencies within the public and commercial sectors with an interest in, and/or responsibilities for, public health”. Cross-border regional cooperation programmes may enhance the promotion of this important cause.

The ISCB national groups share the same aims as the global society, having regular internal meetings to stimulate research on biostatistical methodology in their countries (in particular countries of Central and Eastern Europe). Territorial cooperation between national groups can facilitate solving the specific problems of these countries which had in 1990 a considerable handicap in the use of biostatistical tools in clinical research.

Therefore, the national ISCB groups of three neighbouring countries (Hungary, Romania and Serbia) and Department of Medical Physics and informatics, University of Szeged and Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Novi Sad (IPA project HU-SRB/0901/221/088) decided to organize a two-day joint meeting on 4-5 November 2011, in Szeged (the Hungarian city closest to the Romanian and Serbian border). The conference venue will be the Big Educational Center of the University of Szeged (see the Google Maps)

Members of other national groups of ISCB are also invited.

Key topics of the conference:

  • Teaching biostatistics
  • Common biostatistical errors in medical research
  • Statistical modelling
  • The biostatistics of genomic data
  • Round-table on specific problems of national groups

Keynote lecture
Michael Schemper (Vienna):
The estimation of average hazard ratios by Mantel-Haenszel estimators and by Cox regression

Planned registration fee: No registration fee (15-20 Euros are the estimated costs of a common dinner on Friday evening – optional). The project is co-financed by the European Union through Hungary-Serbia IPA cross-border co-operation programme.

Accommodation: cheap accommodation will be available (further information will follow).

Registration: Although there is no registration fee, preliminary registration is necessary (through e-mail, to Julia Singer, deadline 31 August – see the address below).

Abstracts, Full text manuscripts
Abstracts in the key topics are preferred, but other topics are accepted as well. Abstracts have to be written in Word (around 200 words). The full text manuscripts of the conference (a maximum number of 15 papers of 6 pages/paper) will be published in the journal Applied Medical Informatics. If you submit an abstract then please indicate to the SPC whether you would like to submit a paper as well or not.

Abstracts of the poster/oral presentation (with indication of the preference for poster or oral presentation) and full text manuscripts should be sent to

Julia Singer
Baxter Innovations GmbH
Global Biostatistics
IZD Tower
Wagramer Strasse 17-19
A-1220  Vienna
Tel: +43 1 20100 3587
Fax: +43 1 20100 534
Email: julia_singer@baxter.com


  • Application for presentation: September 15, 2011.
  • Registration: Octobe r15, 2011.

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Julia Singer (chair) julia_singer@baxter.com
  • Krisztina Boda
  • Danijela Rajter-Ćirić
  • Reiczigel Jeno
  • Vargha Peter
  • Zorana Bizetic
  • Natasa Bogavac-Stanojevic
  • Anca Vitcu
  • Diana Lungeanu

 Local Organising Committee

  • Krisztina Boda (chair) boda@dmi.u-szeged.hu
  • János Karsai, IPA project manager
  • Maria Matúz (treasurer)