János Karsai

Models of Impulsive Phenomena

Mathematica experiments


Typotex Publishing Company, Budapest




Book and CD-ROM on Mathematica-aided experimental study of impulsive systems and ordinary differential equations.

Available in Hungarian from September, 2002.

Main features


290 pages

More than 100 figures

More then 50 worked out examples and modeling schemes

Program packages to solve and visualize impulsive systems and ordinary differential equations:
more than thirty new useful functions

Special sections for experimental study of differential equations

Free electronic attachment

Full interactive version in Mathematica can also be purchased on CD-ROM from Typotex.


Some parts


Foreword (in Hungarian)

Table of contents


The Mathematica packages developed




Electronic Attachment


It includes

full text of introductory chapters of the book

more than 50 animations and color figures

special Mathematica packages developed for the book

add-on chapters for one-minute-introduction to Mathematica



Electronic attachment (ZIP, ~12 MB)


MathReader, Wolfram Research




Full interactive version on CD-ROM


Main features:

Collection of Mathematicanotebooks .

Full text of the printed book, but much more;

Includes more examples end experiments;

All the Mathematica programs in the examples are parts of the notebooks;

Integrates all the parts of the electronic attachment;

Contains the add-on chapters on modeling in Mathematica;

Contains special Mathematica packages developed for the book;

All the programs can be rerun in the original or modified form.





János Karsai Ph.D., associate professor

Department of Medical Informatics, University of Szeged




Typotex Publishing Company