János Karsai

Models of Impulsive Phenomena

Mathematica experiments


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Chapter 1.3 Visualization of the path of motions




Chapter 4.3 Modeling scheme for 1D systems




Direction field, impulse field, and solutions of a 1D system:





Chapter 4.4 Modeling scheme for 2D systems



Impulse field and trajectories of a 2D system:





Chapter 5.4 Visualization of general impulses



Transformations by 1D and 2D  and impulses:





Chapter 6.2 Phasemaps of  differential equatios




Phasemaps of a linear system:




Chapter 6.3  Phasemaps of  impulsive systems



Phasemaps of a nonlinear system:



Chapter 7.1  Linear systems



A system with singular impulses:





Chapter 8.3  Stability by linear approximation





Chapter 10.3  Experiments for the Liapunov’s method




Direction and impulse fields and contour lines of the Liapunov’s function:




Integral curves:




Chapter 13.4  Impulsive external force in oscillators






Chapter 13.5  Impulsive relaxations oscillations