Physics test

Interactive Tests in Medical Physics

Anthropometry (Laboratory practical)

1/1. The range of normal BMI values is:

Clench force (Laboratory practical)

2/1. When measuring clench force with a manual dynamometer and exerting maximum clench force for a given time period, ...

Electromyography (Laboratory practical)

3/1. The electro-miography (EMG)...

Acoustics (Laboratory practical)

4/1. The sound level for pain threshold is about:

Blood pressure measurement (Laboratory practical)

5/1. Which mechanisms are involved in the generation of Korotkov sounds?

SI: SI units and prefixes.

6/1. Which unit does NOT mean energy?

Calculation 1

7/1. A stone is thrown up with initial speed of 19.5 m/s from 0 level. What is the highest point of its path? (g = 10 m/s^2)

Calculation 2

8/1. Three branches meet in a junction of a circuit. If 10 mA flows into the junction from the first branch and 20 mA flows out of the junction into the second branch, what is the magnitude and direction of the current in the third branch?


9/1. The vector "-A" is:

Force, work, power

10/1. A high diver jumps from a height of 10 m. If the air resistance is negligible, during the fall the following quantity will decrease: the diver's...


11/1. How can we obtain the angular frequency of an object oscillating on a spring?


12/1. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?


13/1. Which is the most important heat transport process by which the human body gives off heat at room temperature?


14/1. According to the Bernoulli’s law,...


15/1. Which one of the following statements is CORRECT?


16/1. Complete the following sentence! „Thermodynamics, in the classical sense, is dealing with…”


17/1. The electric field within an enclosure formed by conducting material...

Electricity and magnetism

18/1. The total resistance of the resistors in series is...

Signal processing

19/1. What is the sampling rate required for the proper reconstruction of a signal from its sample sequence?


20/1. From Doppler's law it follows that...