Tepavčević Andreja Ph.D.

Tepavčević Andreja
Beosztás: Full Professor
Munkahely: University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Informatics

Ph.D. , Mathematician


Andreja Tepavčević graduated at University in Novi Sad in 1987, and earned her PhD in Algebra at the same university in 1993. She teaches Algebra and Applied algebra courses to students of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical and statistical methods in biological investigation to doctoral students of Biology. Her research topics are in algebra, lattice theory, universal algebra and applied algebra.  

Tepavčević Andreja Ph.D.

E-mail: andreja@dmi.uns.ac.rs

Web: http://www.dmi.uns.ac.rs/Faculty/tepavcevica

Tel.: +381 21 4852862