Prepare polyhedra!

Előadó: Kulcsár Nárcisz
Időtartam: 90
Technikai eszközök:

needle, thread

Hallgatóság: max. 20-30 persons, 9-12. classes

Geometry is an area of mathematics that can be endeared to students through demonstrations. It is a well-known problem during teaching that students can’t imagine the 3-dimensional objects. The intention of this workshop is to present the pull-up polyhedrons made of paper and the participants can prepare the Platonic solids with this special method without the help of glue. They can fix bodies from 2-dimensinal nets quickly and nets from the 3-dimensinal bodies again. To get to know the relationship between the plane and the space it is also possible to prepare the more complex Archimedean solids and Johnson solids. Through discovery visualization skills can be developed and mathematics can be enjoyable.