The love of Romeo and Juliet, or what is the connection between love and the daily dinner of the fox

Előadó: Karsai János
Időtartam: 90
Technikai eszközök:

Computer projecting possibility

Hallgatóság: max. 20-30 persons, 11-12. classes

It is well known that the relation between the properties (force, displacement, velocity, acceleration) can be given by the Newtons’s laws. “Similar” laws can be used for change of the number of interacting species, like foxes (predator) and rabbits (preys). It can be surprising, but these totally different phenomena can be investigated by the same mathematical models that can be used to study the love of Romeo and Juliet.

In the talk, we will investigate simple, well known physical biological and chemical models with the help of computer simulations and visualization. The students become visually acquainted by the concept of differential equations and the simplest methods of computer-aided modeling.

Some figure in advance: First. let us see the change of feelings. Is there accordance, what is the reason of oscillation? Which curve belongs to Juliet? And something different: what is the relation between the following figures?