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Attila Dénes, Gergely Röst, János Karsai

Experimental Studies in Population Dynamics

Kulcsszavak: population dynamics, mathematical biology, mathematical epidemiology, experimental study Wolfram Mat

The mathematical modelling of the dynamics of biological populations, including the transmission of infectious diseases has a history reaching back centuries, and its development has been significantly accelerated recently as several new, more complex and biologically more adequate models were established. These novel models were created to include several newly arisen situations such as global climate change, emergence of drug-resistant virus strains or migration and to help intervention programs. The development was also helped by the appearance of the possibility of simulations using high-performance computers.

The present collection of Wolfram Mathematica notebooks aims to provide a useful aid for introductory courses on mathematical biology, population dynamics and mathematical epidemiology as well as general courses in mathematical modelling.

The material is divided into three parts: the first part includes some famous discrete-time models, the second part continuous-time models from population dynamics, while the third part offers an introduction into basic mathematical epidemiology. All notebooks include a theoretical description of the given model and interactive simulations.

The development is co-financed by the European Union in the frame of the project IPA HU-SRB/1203/221/024: Non-Standard Forms of Teaching Mathematics and Physics

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