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Róbert Vajda

Symbolic Computation with Polynomials: Interpolating and Extremal Polynomials

Kulcsszavak: Symbolic computation, interpolation, extremal polynomials, Chebyshev, Zolotarev

This material comes as a series of Wolfram Mathematica notebooks. The first part covers the constructions of classical interpolating polynomials. Lagrange-, Neville- and Newton-type constructions will be given and are compared. The second part focuses on extremal polynomials. It is observed that classical (scaled) Chebyshev polynomials of the first type are extremal polynomials with respect to the sup norm in the unit interval. The material considers extremal polynomial families in different settings with the aid of symbolic computation. The interested readers may interactively explore some of the extremal polynomials via exercises and project problems in a computer supported environment.

The development is co-financed by the European Union in the frame of the project IPA HU-SRB/1203/221/024: Non-Standard Forms of Teaching Mathematics and Physics


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